The Most Powerful Computer in the World 

Rests In Between Your Ears!

You probably have spent more time updating
home/office computer or phone than fixing
the flaws in your own mental programming...

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How is it that others seem to look better, have healthier habits, make more money, or experience more joy than you?

Are you "stuck" in your journey to become the best version of you? 

Do you make the same mistakes again and again?

Have you been made to feel a "victim", but ready to become a "SURVIVOR?"

Is that voice in your head telling you you're not good enough, smart enough, 
strong enough, WHATEVER enough?






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"Hypnosis for Change"

Master Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist Tom Mueller


"Congratulations, You're one step closer...
... to a brand new you!" 

My gentle guidance has helped hundreds of people turn their life around, including Fortune 500 Execs, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Military Leaders, Social Influencers, and People JUST LIKE YOU to change their life.

I Often Help Client's Overcome their Obstacles in 90 days or less.

Tom Mueller, CMC, CHt

Certified Master Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist

 Sessions can be done in my Professional Office,
by Phone or through The Internet.

Welcome to The Corner of Health, Wealth and HappinessNo matter if your challenge is about your Health, Wealth or Happiness...

... I can help you Identify and Overcome whatever is holding you back.

If you are Looking for Results, the New Life you Want and Deserve...

... and are Willing to Commit the Time and Energy

as I Guide You to a Better Life... 

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 Look at this comparative Study conducted by The American Health Magazine:

Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
Behavior Therapy: 72% after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy:        93% Success after 6 sessions


You, too, can attain your goals as much as 100 times faster! 


Learn how to exploit an attitude and methodology to Improve ALL the Different Areas of Your Life and

Avoid Long Therapies.

Drastically Reduce the Process, Time and Expense it Takes to Get the Life You've Dreamed Of!

Say Goodbye to FEAR!People develop problems very quickly. It only takes One bad experience in a plane to develop a Fear of or Phobia. Or one swarm of bees to become scared of bees. You can Quickly Eliminate Phobias.

Success Can Be Yours!

Learn the secrets of How to Build a Successful Life.

For more than 20 years Tom Mueller, the Director of The Destin Hypnosis Clinic, helped shape the leaders and business models for change in large companies. He studied Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming, became certified as a Master Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, and in the autumn of 2011, he opened The Destin Hypnosis Clinic for a select few in Destin, FL.

The Clinic began to provide immediate and amazing results for the people in and around the community. 

Now, word has caught on Around the World, and people from diverse backgrounds work One-To-One with Coach Tom Mueller by Phone, SKYPE (and other Web Based Services), or in the Professional Offices in beautiful Destin, Florida.



 I welcome you to book an in-person session. Now, however, you can gain access to the powerful Hypnosis & Master Coaching Trance-formation process by phone, SKYPE, or through a personalized set of downloads for for help in the convenience of your home or office. Tele-Health is efficient, safe, confidential, and now available from a trusted advisor. 


Lose Weight with Hypnosis and Coaching!

Many want to Lose Weight Fast. The Destin Hypnosis Clinic will help you to become Fit, Trim, and Healthy – how long it will take depends on how much weight there is to lose.

Diets simply don’t work. After ending it, the weight comes right back.

People need to Unlock the unique combinations that makes your body feel like a prison. Scientific evidence proves that you can lose 90% more than those who don’t seek help,

and you can reasonably expect to continue to significantly lose weight for as much as two years after your work at The Destin Hypnosis Clinic here is done!

The Destin Hypnosis & Coaching Clinic uses strategies that work

30 times better than “going it alone.” 


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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis and Coaching

We know and understand that most smokers want to Quit and Become Smoke Free. We too had once been a slave to nicotine, and know what it’s like to try to quit and fail.

OUR ADVICE: STOP TRYING! Instead, make the Decision that it’s time to outgrow that terrible addiction, and The Destin Hypnosis Clinic will help you succeed.

Multiple Studies show there is a way to end this addictive habit at least three times more effectively than using drug interventions like patches, gum, or shots, and 15 times more effective than willpower.

Think of it this way: When you were growing up and outgrew a pair of shoes that began to hurt, you didn’t miss the old shoes when you got new ones that fit, right?

What will you miss a habit you outgrew, and that has been hurting so many parts of your life. 

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Read on to discover . . .
How To Become a Highly Effective Person.


Whatever your goal, Coach Tom's approach enables you to find personal strategies that build on your core strengths—ignoring your weaknesses.

Empirical studies show that building on strengths, strategic planning, and being held accountable produces highly effective individuals and desirable outcomes. 

Break away from old limitations with new solutions and out-of-the-box thinking to boost your ability to solve challenges and find new paths to achievement.

I will help you strengthen and develop your untapped potential and help bolster your  resources, and insights that will drive you to new heights of meaningful accomplishments.

I will help you develop a Strategic Integrated Personal Plan of Action. Having a strategic plan based on your core values within specific time lines, defined tasks, and necessary resources, provides the a step-by-step formula to achieve your desired circumstances.

I WILL HELP YOU put systems in place that hold you accountable and keeps you on track and on target all the way to success.


Virtually for FREE? 

You may qualify for tax credits, not a tax deduction, but a full tax credit! That means 100% credit on your taxes!   

It's almost as if your smoking cessation and weight loss programs are free! You’ll need to consult with your tax professional, which we aren’t.  A good place to start researching is on pages 12 and 15 of IRS Publication 502 year 2003.

You have nothing to lose, besides what isn’t serving you anyway.

A Message from The Founder and Director of the clinic:


 "I will use only the most advanced-cutting-edge techniques and the latest research into the art of changing human behavior and transforming human emotion." 

- Tom Mueller, CMC, CHt